Who can use a Smile Card?

This is a short-but-growing list of ways to share the I Smile First message by passing along one of our free Smile Cards. How many smiles can you pass along in one day?

  • Give one to your grocery checker
  • In a restaurant, leave one with a large tip for your server
  • Leave one on your boss’ desk
  • Tape one to your coworker’s monitor
  • Give one to your teacher
  • Give them to your students
  • Tuck one in your child’s lunch
  • Put one in a birthday card
  • Mail one to a friend with a note
  • Leave one on your neighbor’s doorstep
  • Put one under someone’s windshield wiper
  • Give one to the postal carrier
  • Place it as a bookmark in a book you’re giving or loaning
  • Set the table with one at each place setting
  • Thank your dental hygienist with one
  • Hand one to a stranger who is smiling
  • Hand one to a stranger who is not smiling
  • You deserve smiles, too! Put a card on your bathroom mirror or front door!

Got more ideas? Let us know!