<strong>I Smile First</strong>

I Smile First

Smiling boosts your immune system. Smiling at others boosts theirs!
How it started
A Traveler Epiphany In the fall of 2017, author Margaret Meps Schulte was traveling through a busy airport with her suitcase full of books. Her epiphany occurred in an unlikely place: The ladies' room. Juggling...
Free Smile Cards & Happy Spots
Smile Cards and Happy Spots are tiny items with a ton of impact. You can hand them out to anyone you meet. They look like this: What makes our cards unusual is that they are...
How to Help
Join the I Smile First movement! It's easy and fun. The premise is simple: Smile at others, regardless of whether they are smiling at you. In other words, be the first to smile when you...

I Smile First

I Smile First Smile Cards
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I Smile First is a gifting project started by Margaret Meps Schulte, author of Strangers Have the Best Candy and The Joyful Bear. The premise is simple: We encourage people to be the first to smile in any encounter. Smiling is easy, and it’s free — what a great way to increase happiness and civility in our communities!

We offer free Smile Cards to anyone who wants to participate. This means you! These little gems give you the handy means to thank people who smile back (or who smiled first at you!) and cheer up folks who are not smiling.

We believe in the following statement, known as the I Smile First pledge: “Each of us is worthy of a smile. When I encounter another person, I will offer them a kind smile.”
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Want to learn more? Read about how I Smile First got started.